The 3G Cycle of life

"Be the writer of your book, be the editor of your story, and be the principal actor of your life..."

Miriam Zylberglait, MD (Dr.Z)


The 3G cycle philosophy considers that life is not linear but cyclic. Different cycles of our lives are interconnected, and each cycle needs to be close for us to be able to go to the next one. All the cycles have the same basic components that represent the 3G: Goal, Grit and Grow. In addition, these cycles are affected by positive and negative catalysts, that may accelerate and facilitate or delay and difficult our progress throughout the cycles.

There are different types of catalysts. Some can be intrinsic and some could be extrinsic to us. Some examples of intrinsic catalysts could be purpose, grit, resilience, emotional intelligence (EQ), self-confidence, and fear. They grow inside of us, we cultivate them throughout the years, they belong to us, and we control them. The extrinsic catalysts are more difficult to manage. They come from outside, and the only thing that we can control in the majority of cases is our reaction to them. Some examples could be discrimination, gaslighting, lack of empathy or compassion, and moral injury.

Imagine that you learn how to navigate your cycles, using the catalyst in your favor... How different could your life be?

Taking control of our life is the best way to achieve our most important goals: Joy, Meaning and wellbeing in life.

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