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The book Journey

It was March 2022, when I joined one of the most special journeys of my life. After learning about the Creators Institute, I decided to pursue my dream of writing a book. What I did not know at that time, is that this book was more than a collection of words, pages, and chapters. It became an introspective journey that gave me the opportunity to heal, create new friendships, find my purpose, help others and create a meaningful impact.

Dr. Z

Inspirational People

My book became a collective journey, I had the support of amazing experts, leaders, role models, survivors, mentors, and advocates that joined me while sharing their stories and encouraging me to follow my dreams.

Jennifer Moss

International speaker - expert on burnout. Award-winning journalist. Author of The Burnout Epidemic, and Unlocking Happiness at Work.

Shari Alyse

"America's Joy Magnet" 2x TEDx speaker. TV Host. Bestselling Author

Josh Perry

LIFE Optimization Strategist. Former Pro BMX Athlete & Multiple Brain Tumor WARRIOR.

Davida Ginter, M.Sc.

CEO of Uppey. Speaker. Social change catalyzer. Author "Burning Out Won't Get You There"

Laura Putnam

International Speaker. CEO of Motion Infusion. Bestselling Author. Workplace Wellness and Movement

J. Corey Feist, JD, MBA

President & Co-Founder, Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation

Debbie Lundberg

2X TEDx Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Performance Coach

John Saunders

Founder of Forward Advisory Solutions. Executive Coach. Speaker. Author of the Optimizer.

Ken Fisher

Founder of Heal The Planet

Laura Staley, Ph.D.

Founder, Cherish Your World/Author of Live Inspired & Abundant Heart

Sean C. Higgins

CTO and Co-founder at Herjavec Group, Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Author


Mariah Edgington, BSN, RN

Keynote Speaker, Co-Author of: “Journey Well, You Are MORE Than Enough: (RE)Discover Your Passion, Purpose, & Love of Yourself & Life"

Jonathan Fisher, MD FACC

Organizational Well-Being and Resiliency Leader. Chair Ending Clinician Burnout Global Community and Summits.

Diana Londoño, MD

Urologist. Physician Advocate. Founder of Physician Coach Support

Matthew Mazurek, MD, FACHE

Physician leader, educator, and author. Assistant Professor at the Yale School of Medicine.

Amy Conway-Hatcher

Advocate, attorney & author of "Infinitely More"

Leslie Weirich

Suicide Prevention Advocate, Founder of Leslie's Hope.

Dieula John, MD

Internal Medicine Physician, Endocrinology Fellow

Nadia Obaed B.S.

Medical Student.

MD Candidate

Pam Reyes

Founder of Living Out Loud Coaching & Consulting. High-performance & mental fitness coach.

Chantal Donnelly

Physical therapist and owner of Body Insight Inc.

Neil Dolan, MSc, MBPsS

Psychologist, Coach, Therapist & Author.

Shiri Gabriel

Business Owner. Investor. Professor. Coach. Master Networker. Mother of 4.

Yudith Furman, LMHC, CAPP

Mental Health Counselor. Positive Psychology.

Sogol Pahlavan MD FAAP

Mindfulness Physician Coach at Mindful Living w Dr.Sogol

Nataliya Bocharova, MD

Internal Medicine Resident

Shami Anand

Fortune 50 Corporate Leader for Global Procurement Operations. National Speaker. Leadership Coach & Principal at “Power Your Impact”

Sophie Jacobs

Upcoming Author, Ordained Minister, Former Buddhist Nun

IG/TikTok: @flowintuit

Joann Farrell Quinn

Emotional intelligence and leadership author, faculty, researcher and speaker.

Ricardo Rosello

Special Delegate to the U.S Congress. Scientist, entrepreneur, former Governor of Puerto Rico

Michelle Segar, PhD, MPH, MS

Award-winning researcher at the University of Michigan, health coach, International speaker, author: "The Joy Choice" and "No Sweat!"

Ryan Parshall

Business Coach. Broker. Author

Yen Verhoeven, Ph.D.

Author of "Rebel Teaching" (2023). Education troublemaker, award-winning speaker, learning theorist, curriculum designer.

The Mentors...

Greenlight moment...

Did you know that only 2% of those that start writing a book are able to get it published? Yes!!! Writing takes creativity, discipline, and full engagement. But also friends supporting you during the journey. Thanks, Jennie Byrne and Hannah Austin for sharing this moment with me. Special thanks to our mentor Eric Koster.